A Poem from Allies In Action

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My words have power.

My words can make or break someone’s day.

Like a super power, some good and some bad.

My words shape my attitude.

My words tell others the kind of person I am.

The words I speak stick around long after I leave the room. 

My words can be like bubble gum on the bottom of your shoe.

My words can also be like winning a prize.   

I don’t always know how my words land and bounce around.

Sometimes I never see where they end up.

Did they make your day better?

Or create a storm in your heart?

The words I choose can inspire you.

My words give me courage.

The words I think affect how I see myself.

My words can lift you up on a difficult day.

My words build bridges and heal wounds.

They can either solve or create problems.

I am responsible for the words I choose.

No one else chooses my words but me.

Sometimes they come out of my mouth before my brain can catch up.

I don’t always know how to fix the hurt they cause.

I want to…it can just be scary to try.

Maybe if I take a deep breath before I say my next words I’ll know what to do?

Maybe I can smile first then speak? 

My hope is we’ll learn to understand each other better.

My hope is that I can help you have more good days than bad.

My hope is that my words make this a better place.

If we work together, each of us can make this a better place.

It is not about being perfect. What matters is that we always try.