Bullied: From Victim to Victorious

Each and every day we make a choice. We choose to get bitter, or better. I choose every single day to do better, and be better. Adversity can affect you one of two ways; you are either jaded over what happened, or you find some fire within yourself and become unstoppable. Bullying was the experience that used to make me sour, and now it’s something that I choose to talk about to give young people just like me hope.

Long story short, I was bullied all throughout school, but it wasn’t until I began my junior year in high school where the harassment was so severe. I felt as if I was the only one going through something like this. I felt alone. I was not supported by my school staff, and was told I was ‘blowing what happened out of proportion’ and that my claims were false, and I was pretending to be bullied for attention… I was angry, hurt, and disgusted. The bullying was so bad, I lost clumps of my hair and became very sick physically and emotionally I missed out on a lot of a high school milestones too. I didn’t even want to walk with my graduating class. My bullying story is what inspired me to keep going… this was not going to be the end for me. I knew there had to be some good that came out of this pain, and anguish I was feeling. Thus, a fire spewed out of me, and I published my story in my self-help memoir “Bullied: From Victim to Victorious” to help other students just like me who don’t feel that anything is getting any better, and everything is their fault.

For the most part, I was always a very shy kid. So, to think that I am speaking publicly is amazingly mind boggling to me.  However, sharing my story, is one of the most emotionally vulnerable things to do, but the fact of the matter is I love what I do. I love the connection I have with a student who has experience similar struggles. I love that my story gives them hope. It’s the most rewarding part of my job. 

I was at Allies in Action at Geiger Montessori school, and it gives me so much hope that there are so many young students willing to focus on kindness, ally ship, and acceptance. I was not that focused at that age, and the fact that there are groups like this at the elementary level is so incredible, and heart-warming. It shows how far we are coming as a society in creating a culture of kindness, and a climate full of acceptance rather than tolerance.

My goal is that one-day intentional kindness, and compassion is part of curriculum; that the focus on character is as strong as science and math. Without character, kindness, and integrity we have nothing. This is our foundation. The students in these clubs are our future and we must lead the way as adults. My hope is that sharing stories of pain, bullying, and triumph will light the way for struggling students. My plan is that we choose to get better, and do better.