Safe, inclusive environments for gender diverse youth and their families.

My Purple Umbrella Blog

Our blog is used for storytelling, current events and education about raising transgender and gender diverse youth. Through storytelling human connections are sparked. The hope is that you leave with a sense of connection, community, and empathy.

Ways to Support School Kids in Need this Holiday

The vision of My Purple Umbrella is safe, inclusive environments for gender diverse youth and their families. As a Tacoma Public Schools community partner, we are reaching out to you to help us support students in need. Many of the families we support rely...

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The Complexities of Creating A Society

During Allies In Action last week, we explored what is a Utopian / perfect society and how to create one. Students were divided into six small groups with some parameters and criteria. Before starting they were provided a basic understanding of some types...

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Human Connections Shape Our Democracy

Considering the drastic difference in election results nationwide this week, moving forward looks and feels different than a year ago. Many of us are breathing a little easier, seeing the benefit of our collective efforts of volunteering, emailing and...

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Bullied: From Victim to Victorious

My Purple Umbrella's First Guest Blogger: Madeleine Gasperi, Local Author Madeleine debuted her writing by publishing a children's book entitled "I Have Two Dads: Different Types of Families." Madeleine is a huge advocate and ally of the LGBTQ community...

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Threat of Being an OUT Teacher

How are schools able to truly create safe, inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ students if public school employees are not safe to be out? Last week it came to light that the Oregon State 2014 #TeacherOfTheYear, Brett Bigham, was ordered to not say publicly...

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A Birthday Wish

My beloved Stella,  I vividly recall myself at your age. Life was much different for me. Trauma and instability were a constant. Adults were not safe or to be trusted to protect me. Or put my safety and emotional wellbeing above their own needs and...

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Poem: My beloved Tacoma

My beloved Tacoma,  I see you.  I bear witness to your resiliency, tenacity, and compassion.  I hear your pain. Your outrage.  Sections of you isolated.  Ignored. Dismissed. Perpetually neglected. I won't look away.  Things are harder than they have ever...

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