Safe, inclusive environments for gender diverse youth and their families.

My Purple Umbrella Blog

Our blog is used for storytelling, current events and education about raising transgender and gender diverse youth. Through storytelling human connections are sparked. The hope is that you leave with a sense of connection, community, and empathy.

The Toll of Coming Out For Your Trans Child

"Hey, long time no see! How's your son?" Throat closes, chest tightens, every sounds begins to amplify. Stammering often follows, as if the ability to speak is gone. The familiar barrage of the all same damn questions drown out everything. Momentary paralysis takes...

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The Bathroom Boogeyman

In 2016, Washington State dealt with its first anti-trans initiative, I-1515.  The backers of this initiative, Just Want Privacy, led by the Executive Director of the Family Policy Institute of WA, Joseph Backholm, failed to gather the number of signatures needed to...

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Pledge to “Choose Kind”

As many of you know, Morgan is my seven year old son who blurs the lines between boy and girl. Last month he started 2nd grade wearing hot pink skinny jeans and pink sequined TOMS. After reading “Wonder” this summer myself, I knew Morgan had to meet Auggie. Gratitude...

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The Gift

Unlike anything else I've done in my life, I have the gift of removing limitations for Morgan. As his parents, we charged with shaping his experiences and our choices reflect those experiences. Dmitri and I are faced with challenges many would shrink from, deny or...

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Some of my goals for Morgan, and the kids of My Purple Umbrella, are to create self-reliant and confident kids, develop their conflict resolutions skills, and to create ambassadors of acceptance. No small order, however, completely possible and in all honesty, isn't...

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Lessons From First Grade

Our family has been stretched tremendously this year, our own emotional yoga practice. Since the inception of My Purple Umbrella, I have watched my personal community expand ten fold. Generosity and support have deeper meaning, my gratitude knows no boundaries. I have...

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Whose Children?

I'm often asked, when sharing My Purple Umbrella, about my own child(ren). I answer that I don't have children. Sometimes the follow up question is why I do the work I do. This has sometimes stumped me and sometimes caused me to feel insecure. When Peterson Toscano...

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Out of Control

Today, was one of the longer days I've had as a mother. Morgan chose to push gender boundaries even farther and stretch his parents faith in humanity. His school outfit consisted of a purple butterfly shirt (adorned with sparkles), a pink/plaid skort, purple leopard...

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