Safe, inclusive environments for gender diverse youth and their families.

My Purple Umbrella Blog

Our blog is used for storytelling, current events and education about raising transgender and gender diverse youth. Through storytelling human connections are sparked. The hope is that you leave with a sense of connection, community, and empathy.

Poem: My beloved Tacoma

My beloved Tacoma,  I see you.  I bear witness to your resiliency, tenacity, and compassion.  I hear your pain. Your outrage.  Sections of you isolated.  Ignored. Dismissed. Perpetually neglected. I won't look away.  Things are harder than they have ever...

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Practicing Kindness

The words we choose can wield power to harm or nurture. Often children are told to “be” nice from a command rather than a place of learning. What if you’re not feeling nice right then? Maybe you are feeling frustrated and confused. With sadness and...

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What Kids Want Us To Know

Students’ experiences tell us much of what we need to know about society, the issues they face, and, often, how to solve them. Taking the time to ask and listen is key. In a “polite” society, we greet one another by asking, “How are you?” But we honestly...

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Teaching My Daughter About Her Whiteness

Black History month comes and goes every year. Revisiting the same culturally popular pieces of the civil rights movement that are packaged neatly and pretty, avoiding any discomfort, is disrespectful and dishonest. And convenient, allowing me to do the...

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Mom, what’s a virgin?

Oh, the conversations that happen within the walls of our home... Much to the potential dismay and horror of my daughter, I'm going to share a recent conversation. One morning before school, out of the blue, she asked me what a virgin meant. My immediate response was...

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The Toll of Coming Out For Your Trans Child

"Hey, long time no see! How's your son?" Throat closes, chest tightens, every sounds begins to amplify. Stammering often follows, as if the ability to speak is gone. The familiar barrage of the all same damn questions drown out everything. Momentary paralysis takes...

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The Bathroom Boogeyman

In 2016, Washington State dealt with its first anti-trans initiative, I-1515.  The backers of this initiative, Just Want Privacy, led by the Executive Director of the Family Policy Institute of WA, Joseph Backholm, failed to gather the number of signatures needed to...

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Pledge to “Choose Kind”

As many of you know, Morgan is my seven year old son who blurs the lines between boy and girl. Last month he started 2nd grade wearing hot pink skinny jeans and pink sequined TOMS. After reading “Wonder” this summer myself, I knew Morgan had to meet Auggie. Gratitude...

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