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My Purple Umbrella Blog

Our blog is used for storytelling, current events and education about raising transgender and gender diverse youth. Through storytelling human connections are sparked. The hope is that you leave with a sense of connection, community, and empathy.

Time for #MeToo to Include
Transgender Bodies

Mocking, insulting, and criticizing a transgender person’s body, reproductive organs and genitalia is sexual harassment. Period. When male students discuss my daughter’s body parts, whether to her face or behind her back, I call it what it is, sexual...

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The Power of Our Words Matter

A Poem from Allies In Action ‘My Words’ My words have power. My words can make or break someone’s day. Like a super power, some good and some bad. My words shape my attitude. My words tell others the kind of person I am. The words I speak stick around long...

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What the Queerest Book Club Ever is Teaching Me

In January, I began a queer youth book club, in partnership with King’s Books (the best independent book store in the South Sound). It’s something the owner, Sweet Pea, and I have talked about doing for a couple years. The book club is geared towards queer...

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Acts of Empathy

Acts of Student Lead Empathy  In the fury and heartache of another mass school shooting, someone told me that the cause of school shootings is due to kids not having empathy. Aside from blaming children for mass murders with militarized weapons (regardless...

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Talking About Sex Prevents Sexual Violence

How adults respond to questions of human sexuality set the tone and context. It’s seriously not that hard. Your kid deserves to be informed and encouraged to ask questions. This IS sexual violence prevention. Stella asked me what I...

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January Round Up

New Year MPU Update! Anyone else feeling like January flew by? The #AllyChain kicked off at both Bryant Montessori and Geiger Montessori this month. #AlilesInAction is four weeks into their winter session, exploring impact and contribution (with an...

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Everything Is A Choice

The winter session of Allies In Action is centered on impact and contribution. We have had group discussions about what they mean and shared personal examples. In the beginning of our conversations, students shared monetary contributions they have made to...

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Dear Finn

Dear Finn, You were not my child, and yet you are my child. News of your death pierces the soul of every loving, affirming parent of a trans child. Our families share the experience of what it means to be family. Parents like myself and yours are fighting...

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Talking Grief and Loss with Children

Adults are horrible at discussing and processing death. We don’t know how to talk about it or grant others the ability to talk about it. Mostly to avoid our own discomfort. The message is that grieving is something to do privately. Preferably in a brief...

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