Safe, inclusive environments for gender diverse youth and their families.


Addressing harassment, intimidation, and bullying so all children learn to treat one another with dignity, compassion, and respect.

LGBTQ Education

Train your staff, volunteers, board members, social service agencies and community members on terminology, risks, ways to support LGBTQ youth.


In addition to training, our Allies In Action whole school and after school programs are a preventative approach in creating thriving environments for all children.

Meet Our Founder:

Lisa J. Keating

Lisa is a dynamic speaker, writer, and advocate. She is the recipient of the Pride Foundation 2016 Ruby Award for her work in the LGBTQ community from the Tacoma Pride Festival and the City of Tacoma. And Gold Star Community Partner recipient from Tacoma Public Schools.

Looking for LGBTQ inclusion training for your school, organization or community?

Lisa will help you change your culture and climate to make all youth safe and included!